Advanced Biological
Waste-to-Energy Technologies

The IRSES “BioWET” project will integrate a number of advanced biotechnologies for waste-to-energy conversion. It will include anaerobic digestion of wastewater and solid waste, bio-hydrogen production from industrial wastewater and direct electricity production using sediment fuel cells. As the quality of biogas/hydrogen gas produced via anaerobic processes is crucial for further utilization as a source of heat and electricity, experimental work on gas quality up-grading (CO2 sequestration and H2S removal) is included too. The project includes six research work packages and two transfer of knowledge (summer school and international workshop) work packages. Besides the research tasks, this IRSES project aims to 1) transfer knowledge between the partners, 2) explore new research lines and 3) stimulate (knowledge for knowledge) networking via support of the mobility of early-stage and experienced researchers.