Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague

Faculty of Environmental Technology

Technická 5, CZ-166 28, Prague 6

Environmental Biotechnology


18. - 22. 11. 2013

Pavla Šmejkalová PhD.

+420 220 443 157

Objectives: The main goal of the course is to:
  Study of fundamentals of biochemical transformations of pollutants
  Present selected biotechnological methods used in environmental protection
  Analyse the main problems of environmental protection in Czech Republic and EU
  Discuss economical, energetical and social aspects of environmental protection
  Summarize basic principles of environmental biotechnology in air protection, water and wastewater treatment, water and soil contamination removal and solid waste treatment

Programme to be followed: Five 3-hour lectures  
A - Life Cycle Assessment - Environmental Assessment of Products *
B - Drinking Water Quality in Europe and Czech Republic *
C - Biological Wastewater Treatment as a Part of Environmental Protection in the Czech Republic *
D - Energy Production from Wastewaters and Biowastes by Anaerobic Digestion *
E - Soil and Groundwater Contamination in the Czech Republic (history, most polluted sites, development of technological tools) *

Three 3-hour case studies


Case Study I – Biological Wastewater Treatment under Aerobic Conditions, Biodegradability


Case Study II – Biological Wastewater Treatment under Anaerobic Conditions and Microbial Analysis


Case Study III - Solid Waste Treatment


One 3-hour excursion

Excursion to the Old Waste Water Treatment Plant in Prague-Bubeneč – national historic landmark

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Mon 18.11. Lecture A   Lecture B
Tue 19.11. Lecture C   CS I
Wed 20.11. Lecture D   CS II
Thu 21.11. Lecture E   CS III
Fri 22.11. Excursion   Exam Evaluation and Closing